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TheRedTagger gets you more

Being a RedTagger allows you to maximize the return from your time and your unwanted assets.

All your surplus or redundant stock, equipment and material can now be quickly and easily made available to customers who, like you, recognise the intrinsic value of those items.

In a minute, your unwanted assets will be visible in the RedTagger community, immediately ready for viewing by potential buyers.

A free mobile app (download onto your iPhone from the App Store) lets you walk past your items and, almost without breaking step, have them on the RedTagger site available for purchase.

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TheRedTagger TheRedTagger is a great way to reduce your waste, free up office or storage space and increase return at the same time. And it works! It's early days for our business - we're just starting to get the word out there - but we are extremely excited by our market research and initial feedback from potential customers. Our director, Andy Kelsall, says:

'A decade teaching companies about lean business principles, combined with another ten years in the motor trade, has taught me a lot about the potential for profiting from spare parts, equipment and poorly used space. 'I am 100% convinced about the future success of RedTagger. In an age in which wastefulness is becoming less acceptable, with sustainability becoming the watchword, RedTagger offers businesses benefits to their bottom line as well as many wider positive impacts.'
TheRedTagger These days none of us has time to do anything other than get through the day. RedTagging has to be quick ‐ so it has to be easy.

So, find that item that you want to get rid of. Open up the RedTagger app on your phone, confirm your details, point your phone at your item, take a photo, select category, price, add a short description, SEND...That's it! Your item is now in the RedTagger cloud and viewable by all the other RedTaggers. Once you get back to your desk you can log on and tweak your description. It's simple, quick and Lean Thinking.
TheRedTagger Some websites take sizeable percentages of your sale. We take...nothing!

Using TheRedTagger is free for both buyers and sellers and we don't take a cut on the sale price. In the future we will be introducing premium features that may attract a charge, but the core service is free at present. The only other costs are fees for any special advertising you may want to do to promote a particular item you want to buy or sell. Please contact us and we can feature your items on the home page and/or our forthcoming newsletter.
  • Setting up categories of interest means we can let you know when items that fit your requirements become available. This can be done by distance as well. So if you're interested in robots ‐ but only in robots within 100km of your location ‐ you can set up your interests accordingly. Other RedTaggers who have items that fit your needs can let you know once they know your preferences.
  • Coming soon! If you don't want to wait you'll soon be able to also create a pull notification ‐ again setting up a specific need, distance etc. This will notify RedTaggers that you are looking for something specific.
  • Coming soon! If you want to sell items quickly then, rather than just uploading the item and waiting, you'll also soon be able to push your item's information, to other RedTaggers who have shown interest in the category.
  • It's also possible to gain front page space for specific featured items that you really want to let other RedTaggers know about. Please contact us for more information.