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Now you can use your iPhone to take photos of your excess stock and assets and get them for sale on the website in a few seconds.

A free mobile app (download onto your iPhone or iPad from the App Store) lets you walk past your items and, almost without breaking step, and have them on TheRedTagger site available for purchase.

Sign up on the website to get your free account first and then download the app from the App Store. The website is used to manage your membership and to view available stock and assets. The app is what you need to take photos of your stock, upload them and then update them.
Once you've signed up and downloaded the app, log in with your email address and chosen password. You can add other users on the app so that more than one person can upload and manage stock. They must have unique email addresses though - you can't use the same one twice, but other than that, you can have as many users as you like.
Go to "add new tag" on the app and enter the details requested. You can upload up to 8 photos but bear in mind that if you have a poor Internet connection it may take a little while for those images to upload on to the website.
Once you've uploaded your stock you can then manage them. Simply select "edit a product", and then alter the details required. You can add and remove photos, change the status (e.g. "sold") or any other descriptive element.
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