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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few answers to the questions we get asked most often - about the site and how it works. But to begin with...

Red Tagging is a lean technique used as part of a 5S Culture. It's about clearing out items that are no longer needed from work areas, offices and warehouses. Why? To help improve layout, increase safety and generate space - easing congestion and driving workplace efficiency. These items then become RED TAGGED. Waiting for someone to reuse them. Given they are unwanted and un-needed items, this can take a long time. But they still have value! You don't want to throw them away.

We can only accept one registration per company. If your company has already been registered we will notify you when you submit your registration. In this instance please check with your company owner/administrator. If you are a seller, remember you can add as many users as you like via the mobile app. You can sign up as a seller here and you can sign up as a buyer here.

Nothing! TheRedTagger only charges the monthly fee - or any special advertising fee that you choose yourself. We don't take a percentage - all the sale value goes to you, the RedTagger.

No worries - it stays on the RedTagger site for as long as you want. However, if you really want it gone then you might lower the price.

The number of items at present is unlimited although we may change this in the future.

Easy - log onto to TheRedTagger App, go to Edit a Product, select the item and delete it. It couldn't be easier. If you've sold it, just itemise it as sold, rather than deleting it.

A tough one - but hey we're all busy - try again! If that doesn't work and you really want to talk about this item - let us know and we'll try for you.

Log on to your RedTagger account and change your item to SOLD - this should stop any more enquiries. If the cash doesn't come, just take the SOLD status off and make it available again!

Easy - next to the item advert you will see a red button with 'Contact this RedTagger' on it. Click this button and it will take you to an email page where you can send a message to the RedTagger. Once you've established contact you can communicate directly to arrange purchase, pick up and so on.

That's a real shame, however, coming soon, you can rate your RedTagger experience on the site - each member has a profile and we encourage you to update it with each purchase.

Not at the moment. We'd recommend that you arrange payment through PayPal or liaise direct with the seller on pick up of items.